Aptitude Test Online - Improve your Performance

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Aptitude Test Online - Improve your Performance

The Aptitude Test exercises consist mostly of general knowledge, math and logic, memory, concentration, retentiveness, language and personality along with job-specific questions and exercises depending on the specialty.

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What is a Aptitude Test?

An aptitude test examines the personality, intelligence and concentration of candidates in order to test if they are suitable for a specific course of studies or work. In contrast to an aptitude test is an aptitude test not as in depth. The objective is not to test candidates for a job posting but for the general aptitude for a branch of trade or industry sector. The aptitude test on  the other hand only tests for the qualification for a job posting. Some businesses let their job candidates take a aptitude test and in the second round after that an aptitude test again, but most rely on only one of the two test methods.

What are the assignments?

The aptitude test doesn’t test only general knowledge. The candidate has to primarily demonstrate his skills and qualifications that the chosen occupation depends on to be successful. The aptitude test uses for the most part psychologically test procedures. There are even psychologists and whole institutions that specialise on aptitude diagnostics.

Following comes a brief summary from the multitude of task areas that you can prepare yourself for completely free.

General Knowledge

General knowledge is in almost every aptitude test included. You can find one with exercises out of categories like politics, economy, history, literature or technic for example here at plakos.

Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning tests are designed to measure your ability to draw logical conclusions in exercises like analogy, figure series, dices, sequence of numbers and numerals. You find this and more in our logic test.


Especially in a business education the aptitude test can be quite math-heavy. You should repeat in any case the percentage calculation, rule of three and sequence in addition to the Area Calculation, fractions, interest calculation and mental arithmetic.

Technology and Spatial Awareness

In technical apprenticeships you put more value on the imagination, knowledge of physics as to transmit power and acceleration, basic knowledge of biology and chemistry.

Feeling for Language and Grammar

For many professions and courses particularly distinctive linguistic intelligence is important. Therefore tasks for grammar, spelling, hyphenation, cloze and declination are frequently asked.

Performance, Concentration and Memory

Very common is the endurance of candidates important for the prospective employer and is thus checked. In addition, attention and memory are often among the criteria. Here are some concentration exercises such as the popular d2 test, usage of arithmetic operators and estimation tasks.


Approximately 25% of European companies use personality tests. It is mostly a standardized psychological test such as GDP, Big Five, Reiss Profile or MBTI. There is no right or wrong in these tests, ithe point is to learn the personal strengths and how the person behaves in certain situations. There are practices that are very useful in one profession, but totally harmful in others. Because of this it may be helpful to make some personality tests previously, to find out what your own personality is. The tests are especially recommended if you have not 100% decided for a given profession.

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